About Dr. Ed Reitman
E. Edward Reitman, or “Dr. Ed”, as he is affectionately referred to by many of his patients, has been a practicing clinical psychologist for over 40 years. He has not only maintained a large, successful private practice, but is well known in Houston, Texas (the fourth largest city in the U.S.) As a media personality, he is frequently asked by the major network television stations to comment on the psychological implications and effects of current news events, both on the community and on individuals alike. Click here to read more...


Recent article from 6/19/2015
There is hope
For many of you, the flooding isn’t over and won’t be for a considerable length of time. The aftermath of the rainstorms will last for months to come. Times will be tough, and you will wonder, “Why me?” “What did I do to deserve this?” “Didn’t I have enough problems to deal with before the storm?” “Am I being punished by G-d or tested?” “Is he trying to wake me up to say, ‘I got to change my ways and this is a warning?’.” Or, is he saying, “You have the power in you to overcome this adversity and to make your life even better than before. By virtue of this experience you can learn that what’s really important isn’t tangible. It’s people, feelings and emotions.”Click here to read the rest of the article
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