About Dr. Ed. Reitman
Dr. Ed’s professional achievements have been recognized in Houston, the state of Texas, and the United States. He is particularly proud of having been voted “The Best Shrink in Houston, Texas” in a survey of the readers of the former Houston Post newspaper.

These honors and acknowledgments have, however, not gone to his head. He is forever mindful of his less than stellar early academic achievements, due to what he describes as being a “classic attention deficit disorder individual”. Because of that, he experienced difficulties in elementary and middle school and withdrew from high school after the first month of his freshman year. Years later, after spending time in Alaska and serving in the U.S. Air Force, he passed a G.E.D. high school equivalency test and received his high school diploma from the Territory of Alaska. Dr. Ed states that, more often than anyone might imagine, he is amazed at his own achievements. He feels that there are many other individuals in the world with equal, if not more, intellectual ability, creativity and talent than himself who, unfortunately, have yet to discover their own sense of worthiness.

Dr. Ed is an active practitioner providing therapy to singles, married individuals with marital problems, and persons involved in or considered divorce. He recently published his latest book, "Warrior, Wimp, or Winner: What Role Do You Play in the Battle of the Sexes?", which he claims is the best he has written. It is available from amazon.com and at his office at 5495 Lampasas St, Houston Texas 77056 (713-289-2888). Dr Ed says if you can't or won't consider therapy, "Warrior, Wimp, or Winner: What Role Do You Play in the Battle of the Sexes?" is for single people as well as those ready to start a new relationship, looking to improve a tired marriage, or hoping to avoid repeating mistakes they've made in the past. Warrior, Wimp or Winner will help you to establish the loving relationship you always dreamed of. Through informative discussions and practical guidelines, you will discover how the ways men and women historically approached relationships contributed to the difficulties they now encounter in their struggle to escape obsolete gender roles. You will learn how to break free of old role models, end reliance on ineffective, habituated behaviors, curtail playing the victim, and, most importantly, gain control over the biggest obstacle in your life: yourself.