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Have you ever reached a point where you were so overwhelmed by your problems that you felt totally emotionally paralyzed?  Your brain seemed sluggish.  You could hardly think a problem through to a viable conclusion and you doubted you could make it past another day or if you even wanted to?  Where you not only felt drained of energy but were void of any desire or motivation?  As a result, you did nothing, experienced feelings of confusion and indecision and every problem you had appeared larger and more crucial than it really was.

That’s when or possibly even before then that you have to ask yourself this question: “How do you eat a buffalo?” or “How do you climb a mountain?”   The answer, which I suspect you already know, is one bite at a time or one step at a time.  Then you have to take that bite or step.  At that point it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong or guaranteed to solve your problem.  You just need to mobilize yourself.  if your actions prove wrong or unsuccessful, you can always correct them later.  The reason being that making no decisions, taking no steps or standing still will only make matters worse.  Therefore, you need to do something to keep yourself moving emotionally, physically and intellectually.

I’m sure there are many more examples than I have space to provide but let me tell you about one that I’m very familiar with.  John felt as though the weight of the world had been dumped on his shoulders.  Each time he pulled himself up another burden was dropped on his back.  He had only just finished moving back into his home when Hurricane Harvey flooded it for the second time.  Once again, the insurance companies argued over his claim.  The flood insurance attributed the damage to wind and the wind insurance company contended that water was the culprit.  Consequently, neither wanted to pay.   Then his FEMA application was tied up in red tape.  The final blow was his employers announced a lay off which would not only deprive him of an income but left him searching for employment in a very poor job market and unable to pay the health insurance premiums of the family.  It was just too much for one person to bear.  He knew it was crazy, but he even thought the family would be better off without him.  It would be one mouth less to feed and his life insurance would sustain them for a considerable length of time.  There just didn’t seem to be any light at the end of his tunnel.

Then a friend asked him several questions.  The first; How do you eat a buffalo? The second; How do you climb a mountain?  Most of you know the answer.  But despite what you know I’m pretty sure that at some point in your life you’ve reached a point where you felt the same of similarly.  It may have been for only a brief moment or a prolonged period of time.  You may have shaken your head to discard the unwanted thoughts, seen a doctor for medication or just given it serious consideration.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you recognize that having these thoughts doesn’t mean that your emotionally sick, crazy or hopelessly depressed.  Quite the contrary, it is instead a testimony to the fact that your brain is working, that you’re able to consider the alternatives available to you, and then able to make healthy decisions in the midst of the chaos the world sometimes dishes out to us.

Your job is to recognize that you should never bite off more than you can chew.  That you deal with your problems in manageable pieces that you can swallow.  And you do so one bite, one step or one day at a time.  The purpose being that you circumvent being overwhelmed or devastated by whatever you’re faced with.   The example that comes to mind is you have a 200 lb. box filled with numerous items that you want to move to another location.  Despite your best efforts, you’re unable to budge it despite several attempts to do so, which only resulted in spraining you back and putting you out of commission.  The solution; divide the contents into four boxes weighing 50 pounds each and move them with ease.  The only decision you had to make was where to take your first bite.  This approach will work in every instance if you can resort to working smart instead of trying to prove how strong you are.  Please try it.  It will make life’s problems more manageable, leave you feeling in control at least if you and with the mindset that whatever life dishes out you can and will handle.

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