Date Title
3/2/2017 NOT RETIRED…
2/1/2016 Psychologically speaking, why is Donald Trump ahead of the pack?
12/4/2015 Beware of what you ask for; you might get it
8/3/2015 Needless arguments
4/13/2015 I can't hear you
10/9/2014 Let Me Explain
8/14/2014 What You Focus On Is What You Get
5/27/2014 The Language Of Love
5/8/2014 Communication Problems
9/27/2013 L.O.V.E.
4/26/2013 A Federation Trip Is a Learning Experience
2/20/2009 Faulty Interpretations
11/14/2008 Hidden Messages
5/16/2008 Lessons
8/2/2007 The issue wasn't mashed potatoes
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