Date Title
10/11/1980 dating
7/21/2017 Is it really possible to live happy ever after?
7/11/2017 Is your soul mate a good life preserver?
5/25/2017 Relationship’s distance quotient problem has common factor
4/10/2017 Divorce isn’t always the solution to a troubled marriage
3/20/2017 The fight is with you, not your partner
2/13/2017 You need to talk about it …
1/20/2017 Show me who you really are and I’ll love you
9/6/2016 This is who I am, and I hope you like me, because I finally do!
7/15/2016 Do you really want to be loved, or would you rather be resentful?
5/6/2016 Some people never learn
4/15/2016 Think before you act
2/26/2016 ‘You’re just like my mother’
8/28/2015 It’s what you already have that determines who you are
6/5/2015 Choosing the perfect chocolate
5/22/2015 Which end of the binoculars are you looking through?
3/27/2015 This, too, will Pass-Over
2/13/2015 Ask A Topless Dancer
1/16/2015 If You're Looking for a Relationship, Be Open, Positive, and Available
10/23/2014 Do You Love Me?
8/27/2014 Do Women Get Meaner As They Get Older?
4/25/2014 You're Supposed To Read My Mind
3/3/2014 What's Really Important
10/11/2013 How You See It Determines How You React To It
6/20/2013 What Really Counts
5/27/2013 Sometimes You Can Win By Losing
3/14/2013 Healthy People Make Healthy Choices
2/15/2013 The War Of The Sexes
11/26/2012 Relationships
11/9/2012 Where You Are Is Related To Where You Came From
8/31/2012 You're Not Crazy
8/3/2012 Competition and Retribution are Deadly to Relationships
7/9/2012 Power Struggles
6/22/2012 You Can't Buy Love
6/8/2012 Choose Your Friends With Care
5/29/2012 Successful Relationships Require You To Think Before You Act
5/11/2012 What Can You Learn From A Rope
Little Things Mean A Lot
2/20/2012 Dysfunctional Relationships Don't Happen by Accident
2/3/2012 Getting Married Won't Make You Whole
1/9/2012 A New Year And A New Way Of Life
12/22/2011 How To Be A Hero
10/31/2011 How To Find The Right Person
8/5/2011 I Love You, I Hate You, I Want You
7/15/2011 Living Alone Well Is Essential to Living Together Successfully
6/27/2011 What’s Your Default Setting?
4/4/2011 When A Loved One Can No Longer Care For Themself
2/24/2011 Learn To Bend With The Changes
1/7/2011 Bullying
7/27/2010 Is The Closeness You Want The Closeness You Fear?
6/24/2010 How Much Of Yourself Do You Have?
6/11/2010 A Divorce Is Not The End, It Is Only The Beginning
4/6/2010 Stop Trying To Be On The Same Page As Everyone Else
1/22/2010 Are Men More Sensitive Than Women?
9/8/2009 Life Is A Series Of Gains And Losses
12/30/2008 Presents
9/26/2008 Fixing Someone Else Won't Fix You
7/11/2008 What's Love?
4/8/2008 It's Frightening To Love
2/15/2008 When You Concentrate On Your Partner,You Needn't Look At Yourself
1/22/2008 Who's Controlling Who?
12/5/2007 Fraudulent Lovers
1/30/2007 If only we could all be Mr. Lingo
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