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Warrior, Wimp, or Winner: What Role Do You Play in the Battle of the Sexes?
“If you live life as a warrior, you are prone to fight and manipulate. If you live life as a wimp, you will rationalize and capitulate. But, if you choose to be a winner, you will live life according to what your heart and brain dictate.” E. Edward Reitman Whether single and ready to start a new relationship, looking to improve a tired marriage, or hoping to avoid repeating mistakes you made in the past, Warrior, Wimp or Winner will help you to establish the loving relationship you always dreamed of. Through informative discussions and practical guidelines, you will discover how the ways men and women historically approached relationships contributed to the difficulties they now encounter in their struggle to escape obsolete gender roles. You will learn how to break free of old role models, end reliance on ineffective, habituated behaviors, curtail playing the victim, and, most importantly, gain control over the biggest obstacle in your life: yourself.

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You're Okay - But You Don't Know It!
You are a product of your DNA, your early rearing and the situations you experienced as a child. The sad fact is that none of these can be changed. You can’t alter your DNA, the parenting you received, or the situation into which you were born. But, what you can do is override any negative reactions stemming from these factors. Intellectually, you know what is best for you and what will contribute to your mental health. Too often, however, it’s what you feel, rather than what you know, that governs what you do. Because of that, you need to integrate your emotions and intellect in order to replace your non-constructive behaviors with thoughts and actions that will benefit you positively throughout your life. This requires that you recognize and forgive whatever shortcomings and failings you perceive in yourself and accept that, despite them, there is worth in you. You’re Okay, But you Don’t Know It will help you to discover the worthy person in you whom you’ve previously avoided, denied or compensated for. It will guide you along a path that will enable you to come to peace with yourself and everyone you interact with and care for.

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Hungry for Love
Psychological tidbits to nourish an empty heart

One sure way to fill one's hunger for love is demonstrated in a delightful book of practical psychological tidbits and mouth-watering recipes. Hungry for Love, by Dr. Reitman, whets the reader's emotional appetite by stimulating innermost feelings, encouraging openness to taste new experiences.

From "Lemon Logic" to "Soul Food", the book reveals recipes by which to discover emotional satisfaction and richer relationships, and is unique because it uses analogies with food to create compatible recipes for male and female adjustments. Hungry for Love is a guide to successful living ugmented by authentic recipes to cheer the stomach and celebrate the spirit.

Readers will savor the emotional morsels and the advice that serve as appetizers to entice them to season their relationships with new behavior, increased commitment, warmth and passion. Through anecdotes and personal observations, Reitman truly demonstrates that love is food for the soul.

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Games Lovers Play
Breaking through to an honest relationship

The games you play don't always conform with the game you think you're playing. However, to create healthy emotional relationships requires that they do. Games People Play will help you to unite the two.

Dr Reitman shows us how to look into and know ourselves so we can learn to love and be loved. The 'six requirements' of love are a must for anyone wanting committed, lasting, emotionally fulfilling love relationship, be they with a spouse, lover, relative or friend. Games Lovers Play tells you how to avoid the Games Divorced People Play."

Co- author of Games Divorced People Play

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